Minimize Downtime and Control Operating Costs

Wind generator technology continues to evolve with increased efficiency, improved reliability, and extended life spans.  With over 60,000 turbines in the U.S. and record growth projected in 2021, O&Ms are faced with a monumental and uncertain path to achieving an optimum balance between minimizing downtime and controlling operating costs.

High voltage tests such as surge tests and partial discharge (PD) tests are essential for O&M operators who want to predict what failures can be expected and when using a data-centric approach.  Program the iTIG III to perform the same test, the same way, every time.  Tests conducted over a period of time give users trending data so O&Ms can prioritize turbine servicing and schedule maintenance rather than risk unplanned downtime.

With over 20 low- to high- voltage tests, the iTIG III gives a complete picture of stator and rotor insulation condition.  Also test rotor lead connections and surge arresters.  Knowing the electrical health of generators gives wind site managers the data they need to prevent unplanned downtime and control operating costs.

Up-tower Testing

Working in small spaces always presents challenges for technicians in a nacelle.  Up-tower testing is achieved with the iTIG III’s rugged and lightweight design. Technicians can easily hoist the instrument and the compact construction allows it to be propped up in a work space or set on end if space is tight.

Up-tower testing with the iTIG III and Power Pack
The iTIG III is a compact tester for tight spaces.
wind turbine generator testing
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Electrom is a proud member of the American Clean Power (ACP) trade association.  Together, we are making renewable energy, in particular wind energy, a reality for today’s economy and for generations to come.  With a legacy fleet of wind turbine generators and record growth expected in the coming years, there has never been a better time to play a role in making clean energy the dominant electricity source in the United States and beyond.