Peace of Mind for You and Your Customers

As the service and repair industry evolves so must your equipment. The state-of-the-art iTIG III family of portable motor testers combine 20 motor and coil insulation tests in an easy to use light weight package. Imagine the confidence your customers will have knowing your team is operating the best motor test equipment available on the market both in your shop and in the field. Help your customer not only with motor specific issues, but with inverter and VFD drive issues.

The iTIG III Winding Analyzer is the answer to today’s service environment. It can be used by anyone with only minimal training. Best of all, it can be upgraded to higher level models as your business requirements change. You are not stuck having buy a new tester, you can upgrade what you have.

We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry, and still support and repair testers made over 20 years ago.

Features and Benefits

Your Investment & Our Support

  • A very wide range of competitive prices, models and options
  • Motor testers can be upgraded later to higher level models, you are not stuck if needs change
  • Lease to own programs
  • Trade-in program for old testers
  • Long term support – we support and repair motor testers and winding analyzers we made over 25 years ago
  • Training made easy for both users and the pocket book, see Support and contact us to discuss needs and training options.
  • Free lifetime software maintenance updates, technical and application support


  • Contact us about fast and time-saving report generation
  • User-friendly and complete report capabilities at no additional cost,
  • Easy transfer of test reports to your Motor Shop Software with a click of a button on the tester
    • ACS
    • MotorBase by Spring Point Solutions
    • Others
    • Reports can be automatically sent  to Job Number folders

Portable & Light Weight – Excellent for Field Service

  • Briefcase type iTIG II MINI with up to 6kV output for Surge and Hipot tests
  • iTIG III is the lightest fully automatic, high frequency 12kV and 15kV tester available
  • PP-II is the ONLY TRULY PORTABLE 45J 30kV POWER PACK at less than 50 lbs/23kg; it is controlled by  the iTIG III or the iTIG II MINI and can be used with multiple iTIG IIIs
  • All motor testers have a rugged case and are built to be taken on-site for field testing
  • Assembled motor test features, surge tests can be done without turning the rotor

Easy to Use with a Full Range of Tests and Automation Options

  • Partial automation and complete test automation options depending on model
  • Assembled motor surge test without the need to turn the rotor
  • Preset test templates with all test parameters and limits
  • Choose a test stage (incoming, pre-VPI, final, etc.) and a test template is automatically applied
  • Single button multi-coil test capability and master coil comparisons

State-of-the-Art Motor Testers and Winding Analyzers

  • Wide output voltage range from 1kV to 40 kV with High Energy Output options for large motors
  • High frequency surge tests find more faults
  • Automated tests dramatically improve:
    • Testing efficiency
    • Speed
    • Consistency: Automation makes operators perform tests the same way and ensures consistency in testing
  • DC motor tests with a variety of accessories for surge comparison tests and low resistance measurements bar to bar on an armature
  • High accuracy tests and measurement options:
    • Meg, DAR, PI
    • Winding Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Impedance and Phase Angle measurement
    • Rotor Influence Check, test for damaged AC rotor bars
    • DC Hipot, Hipot Step Voltage and Ramp test,
    • Surge Comparison tests of coils, stators and assembled motors/generators
    • Partial Discharge measurement
Electrom iTIG III


The iTIG III combines multiple testing technologies into a single instrument. From low to high voltage, all your tests can be completed with the push of a button. The iTIG III is available in four models with additional feature options and DC motor test accessories.  Learn More.


The iTIG II MINI is a small, light tester in a briefcase type enclosure, ideal for field tests of low voltage motors. Since it can be connected to the PP-II Power Pack, it can also be used to test high voltage equipment. It is an economical solution to motor testing in general.

Portable Power Pack PP II

The PP II is the only truly portable 18kV, 24kV, 30kV and 40kV Power Pack on the market. It connects to the iTIG II, and the iTIG II MINI, with low voltage cables. Data generated by the PP-II is captured, displayed and stored in the iTIG II.