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Surge Testers & Winding Analyzers

State of the art technology, easy to use instruments, superior customer service and lifetime support.

Introducing the iTIG III

Electric Motor Service and Repair

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Test Technologies that find more faults.

Surge Test

Surge tests are critical because it is the only test that can find turn-to-turn insulation weaknesses. These weaknesses are found at voltages above the operating voltage of the motor and are precursors to serious problems and potential failure. Surge tests are also used to find hard shorts and a number of other mistakes in windings and coils. Read More

Partial Discharge Test

Partial Discharge is one of the predominant drivers of long-term degradation and eventual failure of electrical insulation. The PD energy dissipates mostly as heat, but also as sound and light. Insulation materials degrade when overheated. Although the partial discharge energy can be small, it can take place in the same location hundreds or thousands of times per second. Read More

DC Hipot

The DC Hipot test, or high potential test, can provide important information about several motor issues and is nondestructive.  The following is a list of the most common failure modes and weaknesses found with the DC Hipot test…Read More


A megohm measurement is used to measure Insulation Resistance (IR) to ground in a motor’s windings. The megohm result indicates how dirty, contaminated, or wet the windings are. Typically the lower the megohm number is, the “dirtier” the windings are.  If the megohms are below a certain level, the motor should be scheduled for reconditioning.  Read More

Winding Resistance

Winding resistance is an important measurement because it finds common motor faults other tests and measurements will not find.  For example wire gauge issues, resistive connections, and blown or disconnected magnet wires in hand. Read More


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We provide advanced motor testers, surge testers, partial discharge testers and winding analyzers that are easy to use with automatic tests sequences and intuitive touchscreen interface.  Every tester comes with superior customer service and lifetime support. We still support instruments made more than 30 years ago!

Electrom has made significant investments in R&D and will continue to develop the most advanced technologies to test and analyze generators, coils and electric motors.

Why Consider an Electrom Motor Tester?


The iTIG III combines multiple testing technologies into a single instrument. From low to high voltage, all your tests can be completed with the push of a button. The iTIG III is available in four models with additional feature options and DC motor test accessories.



The iTIG II MINI is a small light tester in a briefcase type enclosure, ideal for field tests of low voltage motors. Since it can be connected to the PP-II Power Pack, it can also be used to test high voltage equipment. It is an economical, more portable motor tester solution.

Portable Power Pack PP II

The PP II is the only truly portable 18kV, 24kV, 30kV & 40kV Power Pack on the market. It connects to the iTIG II and the iTIG II MINI with low voltage cables. Data generated by the PP-II is captured, displayed and stored in the iTIG II.

Who Uses Electrom Motor Testers and Winding Analyzers?

The Electrom Instruments’ motor testers and winding analyzers are used worldwide in industries that use, service, repair, rewind and manufacture electrical rotating machinery, coils, and windings.

Service and Repair







service and repair; MRO; motor shop; motor repair

Industrial Users







Industrial services; electric motor testing;

Manufacturers and OEMs







coil and motor manufacturing; electric motor production

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