Test Technology

Electrom Instruments continuously makes significant investment in R&D, investing in the Future and Driving Industry Technology Developments.

We are always on the path of developing and applying the most advanced technologies to the challenge of motor, generator, and coil testing.

Taking into consideration generous input from our customers, we make testers easier to use and apply technological advancements to new test applications.

We make product improvements expeditiously and are proud of our short development cycle.

Testing Advances from Electrom

Electrom stands alone in developing the solution to one of the toughest technical problems in the industry, the ability to do fully automatic software-controlled surge voltage pulse generation at high pulse rates (high frequency) of up to 50 Hz. Electrom has not only solved the problem, but done so with a lightweight instrument.

  • The iTIG is the only surge tester generating high-frequency surge pulses using Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) with an automatic microprocessor control package.
  • Remember: High-frequency surge tests find more turn-to-turn faults.
  • Proprietary technology developed by Electrom for testing at high frequencies dramatically shortens test time and controls the number of pulses used in a surge test.

Partial discharge can cause progressive deterioration of insulating materials, ultimately leading to electrical breakdown.

The voltage stress required to generate partial discharge (PD) comes from the high-frequency surge test pulses produced by the iTIG. These pulses are similar in rise-time to the pulses produced by inverter drives and very closely simulate what the motor experiences during operation.

The iTIG motor analyzer with PD will automatically store all test results including PD, RPDIV and RPDEV so the results are easy to compare and track over time.

Design techniques and software algorithms applied to create an intuitive and cutting edge instrument.

Even while satisfying complex testing requirements, the iTIG is capable of:

  • Automating all range settings—no dials or buttons to push.
  • Pre-configuring and saving all test parameters, or using a number of defaults.

Not only can high-voltage tests be part of an automated test sequence, but highly accurate low-voltage measurements can be automated as well.

Automation includes:

  • µΩ resistance measurements
  • Impedance
  • Inductance
  • All tests and measurements can be done through the high-voltage lead set.
  • Specialized automatic test sequences.
  • Full automation of various test sequences allow complex testing with the press of a button.

The iTIG provides superior measurement accuracy in all phases of testing.

  • High precision 4-wire µΩ winding resistance measurements through high voltage leads.
  • 0.0005 µA leakage current measurement.
  • Stable high precision high voltage generation.

Enables easy upgrades to higher level models and higher output voltages.

The iTIG Power Pack is designed to fit into a compact carrying case.

  • Automated hipot, step voltage, ramp and surge tests to 40kV.
  • Automated switching between hipot and surge.
  • Matches current iTIG series sizes and legacy iTIG II mini.

Time-saving, advanced report generation options including the ability to automatically track test results over time.