What is available?

DC motor testing is done with the same instrument used for AC motor tests. The tests used are also the same. Since multiple coils and windings are tested, the procedures for doing the tests are different.

dcmotortestMulti-coil tests are available. This semi-automatic process makes testing multiple coils and DC armatures fast and easy. Options for presentation of winding resistance and surge test data include bar graphs.

Some accessories are convenient or required for DC motor testing to test armatures (rotors):

  • ATF-11: Surge test across a span of several bars on armatures
  • ABT: Surge test bar to bar on armatures, or surge test very low inductance coils. See Test Technologies – Low Inductance Surge Tests.
  • ARP-02: Measures micro ohm resistance bar to bar on armatures. The iTIG III D winding analyzer automatically detects the percentage of equalization which can change the resistance from one measurement to the next. If there is more than one resistance level bar to bar, more than one set of averages will be calculated. For example with 66% equalization, two averages are used. The winding analyzer calculates the percent difference in the resistance for each measurement using the proper average. It calls out any resistance measurement that exceeds the failure limit set.

See DC Motor Test Accessories for more information.