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The Electrom iTIG III series of surge test for motors that can perform a wide range of tests depending on which model is chosen. There are 7 main models and several options for each. For more information about Electrom Instruments products, click “Browse Products” links in the right hand section of this page.

Test Description Summaries are short descriptions of what the motor testing is used for and how it work. For the main tests, the Test Technology section has detailed information on various subjects related to each test. This includes how the tests are applied and Pass/Fail information.

The Test Description Summaries listed below have links to relevant sections under Test Technologies.

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Tests and measurements available with the iTIG III Winding and Motor Analyzer

  • Phase to phase Surge Comparison tests
  • Single phase, single coil, and multi-coil Surge tests
  • Pulse to Pulse Surge tests for motors for assembled motors and other applications
  • Low inductance Surge tests of coils and DC motor armatures
  • Partial Discharge measurement
  • PDIV, Partial Discharge Inception Voltage test
  • DC Hipot test
  • Hipot Step Voltage test
  • Hipot Ramp test
  • AC Hipot test
  • Insulation Resistance measurement
  • PI, Polarization Index motor testing
  • DAR, Dielectric Absorption Ratio test
  • Winding Resistance measurements, 4-wire mΩ and µΩ
  • Impedance measurement
  • Phase Angle measurement
  • Capacitance measurement and D factor calculation
  • Inductance measurement and Q factor calculation
  • RIC test for broken rotor bars and eccentricity
  • DC motor tests using the above tests, but applied differently using DC accessories:
    • Span Surge test for motors
    • Bar to bar Surge test
    • Bar to bar low resistance 4-wire measurements (typically resistances below 1mΩ)

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