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Excellence in Motor and Coil Testers

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Legacy Products

If you have questions about any older product lines, please contact us. We continue to support and repair most of them. 

We may also be able to help you with older products of other brands.

NOTE: If you are interested in a trade-in deal, let us know.  

Below are a few examples of Electrom Instruments products we still support and repair:

TIG-A Winding Analyzer

Production of this analog surge tester started in 1986, and many continue in operation today. We still repair units of this series built as far back as the late 1980’s when it makes sense for the user.

TIG-D Winding Analyzer

This digital motor tester included the ability to generate reports. It could be controlled from a PC using Capture Pro software, and in earlier days DOS version software to generate reports.

iTIG Winding Analyzer

Computerized motor tester with report capabilities using TRPro for iTIG.
The tester was available in 4 different models from Model A to D and included optional Power Packs.

Capture Pro Report Software for TIG-D motor analyzers

This software originally developed in the 1990s is still available should you need it. We no longer support or improve it since it works on XP and lower versions of Windows. See picture of Capture Pro screen below the TIG/Power Pack motor analyzer picture.

Power Packs used with the TIG and iTIG series motor analyzers

The picture with the Capture Pro screen shows the TIG-D with an early version of a Power Pack motor tester. The PC was used to capture test data and generate reports, and was connected to the TIG-D motor analyzer during the test.

Power Packs came with DC Hipot and Surge Test outputs form 15kV to 30kV.

Power Packs with surge test outputs up to 80kV were also produced in larger enclosures.

The second Power Pack picture is with an iTIG motor analyzer.

Today the Power Pack used with the iTIG-II series of motor analyzers is significantly lighter, has much higher output energy, and can do automatic tests.

Repair of Electrom and other motor testers

We repair motor testers and winding analyzers that are over 25 years old, sometimes including brands not made by Electrom. If you have any problems with older testers we will do our best to help you resolve them. Contact us today for help.

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