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Service and Support


Our goal is to provide exceptional world class support.

For any application, technical, repair, calibration, commercial or other questions with any motor testers and winding analyzers, please contact us at the phone numbers or addresses listed, or fill in the contact form.

Electrom manufactured products come with a 2-year factory warranty and lifetime technical and application support. Software maintenance updates are free.


We offer free live online training as part of the purchase of an iTIG II series motor tester and winding analyzer. Subjects can include theory of motor tests, the operation and “buttonology” of our motor testers and analyzers, what constitutes a Pass or Fail, report options and test data tracking solutions, and more.

All training programs are tailored to your needs.  “Mini training sessions” or “refreshers” after the purchase of a tester is included.  Electrom factory training, and training onsite at your location are usually available on relatively short notice. Contact us for information.

Legacy Products

If you have questions about any older product lines, please contact us. We continue to support and repair most of them.

We may also be able to help you with older products of other brands.

If you are interested in a trade-in deal or an upgrade, let us know.

Repair of Electrom and other motor testers

We repair motor testers and winding analyzers that are over 25 years old, sometimes including brands not made by Electrom. If you have any problems with older testers we will do our best to help you resolve them. Contact us today for help.


We provide calibration services from our factory, as well as from various calibration laboratories around the world. Calibrations can be done by local laboratories, and can also be performed by the user with Electrom’s assistance when practical.

When testers come to our factory for calibration, software updates and other services are included in the calibration fee.

Contact us for more details.

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