Test Reporting

TRPro Report and Analysis PC Application

Save time with the iTIG Models B, C, and D by generating complete reports with the click of a button. Millions of tests can be saved. A full set of charts and tables can be generated along with trend capturing multi-test hipot and PI graphs. TRPro report and analysis software for the PC imports test data to generate advanced reports for trend analysis and customer reports.

Data Transfer

With one click, motor data, test data, and reports can be transferred from the iTIG to a USB Flash Drive or to another system or server via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Transfer reports to a PC or server for access by multiple users. Reports can also be automatically transferred by job number to database systems like MotorBase® and ACS/Traverse®.

Motor Data Import for Large Groups of Customers and Motors

Information about motors or coils to be tested is usually entered manually. For individual customers or motors, data is entered one-by-one using the screen keyboard or a USB keyboard.  

In some applications such as motor repair, industrial manufacturing, or processing plants, data on large groups of customers or motors are known. In this case, information files can be generated from the user’s Excel or CSV customer or motor database file and imported into the iTIG.  Bulk transfer of vetted data from files eliminates manual entry mistakes and accidental duplication of entries. Using files allows the test operator to search for a customer contact, serial number, or asset tag and start testing without entering information manually.

Motor data import of existing large motor databases is optional at the time of purchase. The import can be added at a later date.

Test Summaries File

Make trend analysis easy with the Test Summaries file. This file is generated by the iTIG Model D. At the conclusion of each test set, the file is appended with date/time-stamped data containing test results and other info. The Test Summary file is a comma separated value (.csv) file that can be viewed, sorted, and filtered in Excel or other spreadsheet formats. Users can graph multiple tests of the same motor over time to spot tends clearly.

The TRPro report software has powerful filtering tools that help to identify weak motors, motors that are in the wrong application, brands that do not perform well in certain applications, etc. For example, compare test results for motors with the same or similar specifications. Using TRPro report software, filters can be set for any information in the user’s motor database then automatically applied to the Test Summary File to determine which motors to include in a group. Furthermore, information in the user’s motor database that is not in the Test Summary File can be selected and automatically added to the filtered Test Summary by TRPro.

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  • Generate complete reports for diagnostics.
  • Track trending results over time, compare motors of the same type, filter tests by customer, deliver summary reports, and more.

Complete Diagnostic Reports

The iTIG generates complete reports for powerful diagnostics.

Test Result Upload Options

Save and transfer test results to a server via:

  • USB flash drive
  • Ethernet
  • WiFi

CSV Format Test Summary Files

Test summary files are saved in a spreadsheet format that can be used in Excel to create custom reports.

TRPro PC Software Included

Use TRPro for time-saving filtering functions:

  • Track trending results over time
  • Compare motors of the same type
  • Filter tests by customer
  • Deliver summary reports
  • More