iTIG Motor Tester and Winding Analyzers for Repair, Maintenance, and Production Line


Electrom specializes in motor testers and winding analyzers. Our strategy is to provide you with state of the art technology, easy to use instruments, superior customer service, and lifetime support. We still support instruments made over 25 years ago!

Electrom iTIG and Power Pack

Production Line Test Automation

Electrom Instruments offers a range of systems for Production Line Test Automation (PLTA). This can simply be additional software for the standard iTIG, or it can be a more complex systems including 4-wire winding resistance measurements, inductance measurements, AC hipot tests, surge tests and partial discharge tests. Systems include automatic lead switching for automated sequences of tests as well as automatic upload and download of test information and test results.

DC Motor Test Accessories

We have developed a range of accessories that will allow our customers to perform a wider range of tests on their DC motor armatures. This includes what you need to perform span surge tests, bar-to-bar surge testing, and armature resistance measurements.

ABT Accessory
ABT Accessory
ARP Accessory
Electrom ATF-11 Footswitch
ATF Accessory with Foot Switch
iTIG Foot Switch FS-11 Accessory
Foot Switch Accessory
ASP Probe Set Accessory
ASP Probe Set Accessory