Product Line Test Automation (PLTA)

Whether you manufacture motors, generators, or any type of coil, large or small, we probably have a solution for your winding test needs.

Electrom Instruments offers a range of systems for Production Line Test Automation (PLTA). This can simply be additional software for the iTIG II, or complex systems including resistance measurements, AC Hipot, Surge and Partial Discharge tests. Systems include automatic lead switching for automated sequences of tests.

The PLTA Systems are based on advanced iTIG II technology and may be the flexible and cost effective solution you are looking for.

Full Range of Tests

The test systems are modular, there are options for what tests are included from surge only to multi test systems. Max output peak voltages range from 4kV to 40kV.

Tests available are:

  • 4-wire µΩ winding resistance measurements
  • Inductance and Impedance measurements
  • Various Insulation Resistance (Megohm) tests
  • DC Hipot or Step Voltage tests
  • AC Hipot test
  • High Frequency Surge comparison tests up to 50 Hz
  • Surge tests of assembled motors without turning the rotor
  • Surge comparison tests to master coils and master stators
  • Partial Discharge measurement

System Features

  • All tests included in the package can be done on various types of coils, stators, assembled motors, generators, single phase or 3-phase equipment.
  • The production lines can be single product or multi product.
  • The test systems can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Tests can be started by the operator or by a PLC/PC.
  • Test information can be entered manually, a bar code scanner can be used, or it can be sent by a computer to the tester via a serial port interface.
  • For more complex systems, information about the units to be tested can be retrieved downloaded to the tester.