Production Line Test Automation (PLTA)

Manufacturers of electric motors, generators, alternators, and coils can rely on the iTIG III for quality assurance and new technology development on the production floor or in the R&D lab.

Electrom’s Production Line Test Automation (PLTA) solutions come in a range of systems for every budget.  Automate your QA testing program with a single instrument that seamlessly integrates with your production line. Options such as bar code scanning, external controls, and automatic uploading of test results make the iTIG III the most cost-effective solution for developers, manufactures, and OEMs.

The iTIG III is easy-to-use and features over 20 high- and low-voltage tests.  Options for automation, reporting, data import and export, and other advanced systems are flexible.  Contact us for details.

Full Range of Tests

Choose from a range of PLTA packages designed to improve testing speed and reliability.   Test a single type of motor/coil or several different types.  The system can be stationary and integrated on a production line or, since it is portable, moved around the floor.  An unlimited number of predefined test-sets and parameters can be programmed for individual models to be tested. Maximum output voltage ranges from 4kV to 40kV.

Users can select from pre-determined test-sets or conduct manual tests.  Compare test results of a single type of coil or motor to a master coil or master motor unit.  Bar code scanning or serial port controls allow for fast and easy data import.

External controls allow for remote operation.  Users can program an unlimited number of default setups and run automated test sequences from a PLC/PC without an operator present.  The tester will upload report results to a server in real time.

Seamless Integration

Electrom’s PLTA solution is among the most cost-effective to implement because it is just one instrument. Set it up as a stationary test station or carry it around the production floor.    Other test automation systems require interfacing with multiple independent units so implementation can be more costly.

Tests Available

  • 4-wire µΩ winding resistance measurements
  • Inductance and Impedance measurements
  • Various Insulation Resistance (Megohm) tests
  • DC Hipot, Step Voltage and Ramp tests
  • High Frequency Surge comparison tests with up to 50 Hz surge pulse repetition rate find more turn-to-turn insulation weaknesses than testers with lower rates such as the common 1-5Hz rates.
  • Surge tests of assembled motors without turning the rotor
  • Surge test comparisons to master coils or master stators where each phase in the motor is compared to the equivalent phase in the master stator.

System Features

  • All tests included in the package can be done on various types of coils, stators, assembled motors, generators, single phase or 3-phase equipment.
  • The production lines can be single product or multi product.
  • The test systems can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Tests can be started by the operator or by a PLC/PC.
  • Test information can be entered manually, by a bar code scanner, or the model to be tested can be sent by a computer to the tester via a serial port interface.
  • Test results can be uploaded to a server automatically in real-time and at the conclusion of each test set.  Data can also be stored in the tester and uploaded later or transferred to a Flash Drive.
  • Safety interlocks, test in progress contact closure for waring lights and external systems, and test failure contact closure for external systems and warning lights are included.