iTIG III: Models A through D

Select from a range of options based on your needs. 

Model A: 

Model A is designed for those who need a basic tester for Insulation Resistance (megohm), DC Hipot, and Surge tests.

Model B: 

Model B adds reporting capability and a milli-Ohm winding resistance measurement.  Options include Impedance/Inductance testing, advanced multi-coil tests, reporting, and Partial Discharge testing.  

Model C:

Model C adds automatic IR and Hipot  tests.  Options include micro-Ohm winding resistance measurement, Impedance/Inductance testing, advanced multi-coil tests, and Partial Discharge testing.   

Model D:

Model D adds fully automatic testing capability. This means that for 3-phase motors or coils, all tests, or a user selected set of tests, from low voltage impedance and resistance measurements to a variety of IR, DC Hipot, Surge and Partial Discharge tests can be done in a fully automatic sequence by the tester.

Advanced multi-coil tests and Micro-Ohm winding resistance measurement comes standard. 

Optional features are CLZ (Capacitance, Inductance and Impedance) measurements, Partial Discharge tests, and Production Line Test Automation software (PLTA).

DC Motor Tests:

All models can test DC motors. There are a variety of accessories available for this purpose. See Accessories.



Max Output Voltages:

Choose maximum output voltages for all models:

4kV, 6kV, 12kV, 12kV-H*, and 15kV-H*
(*H indicates higher surge pulse discharge energy)

Max Output Voltage with Power Pack II:

18kV, 24kV, 30kV, 40kV

15kV Model D with Partial Discharge (PD) measurement option.