iTIG II MINI Model A Motor Tester and Analyzer Details

This model is designed for those who need a basic tester that does Insulation Resistance (megohm), Hipot and High Frequency Surge Comparison tests. It can be used to test AC and DC motors and individual coils.

The MINI has two high voltage output leads and a ground lead for the motor frame.

Like all Electrom iTIG II surge testers and winding analyzers, the MINI Model A is extremely easy to use. Once the operating voltage of the motor is entered, the high frequency surge tests, with fast rising pulses per IEEE 522, can be done automatically. There is no need to further adjust voltage range and sweep (or time base), it is all done by the tester. Quick Surge™ and Surge Guard™ technology find more insulation weaknesses and faults, makes the tests faster, and ensures the right number of surge pulses are applied for optimal performance.

Tests such as Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), Polarization Index (PI) and Hipot Step Voltage must be manually operated, recorded, timed and calculated by the test operator.

There is no report software with this model, however it stores up to 25 surge tests sequentially. The .csv test files can be manually copied and used for reports.


The A model can be upgraded to a B, C or D model and up to 6kV.


  • 4kV and 6kV outputs.
  • PP-II option to use the MINI with the PP-II 18kV, 24kV,  30kV or 40kV Power Pack
  • Accessories for DC motor tests. Click here for details.

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