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iTIG II MINI Motor Tester and Analyzer


The iTIG II MINI series of winding analyzers and motor analyzers comes with max output voltages of 4kV and 6kV for both DC Hipot and high frequency Surge tests.

NEW: B, C and D model MINIs now come with lead switching. They have 3 high voltage output leads and 1 ground lead, which means a higher level of automation is now available in the MINI. MINI A  comes with one high voltage output lead and two ground leads.

The iTIG II MINI can be used with the PP-II Power Packs to form the lightest and most portable 18kV, 24kV, 30kV and 40kV motor test set available. Requires the PP-II option.

Portable and Modular:

The iTIG II MINI is lightweight, rugged and designed for field tests. It can be an economical solution for shop tests of low voltage motors and coils. The design is modular, and all models can be upgraded to the highest level models and outputs later.

What Can Be Tested:

AC stators and assembled motors, DC motors and armatures, generators, alternators, coils and various types of transformers and reactors can be tested with all models. For DC motors see DC Motor Accessories.

High Frequency Surge Tests:

The iTIG II MINI winding analyzer and motor analyzer high frequency (up to 50Hz) surge tests find more faults than similar testers using low repetition rate pulses such as frequencies of 1 to 5Hz.

4-Wire High Accuracy Winding Resistance Measurements:

The “MINI” motor tester and analyzer comes standard with 4-wire resistance measurements in milli Ohm or micro Ohm.

Time Saving Report Capability:

Reports can be generated automatically on the motor tester with a click of the print button. Raw test data and reports are transferred to a server with a USB Flash Drive or WiFi. This process saves significant time. Contact us to discuss options.

Reports can also be generated with the TRPro report software that runs on PCs, and is included with the iTIG II and iTIG MINI surge testers.

Reports and screens on the testers are available in multiple languages.

Easy User Interface:

The iTIG II MINI winding analyzer and motor analyzer’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use. For example with surge tests no settings are required except the entry of the DUT operating voltage.

MINI Model Overview

MINI Model Overview

iTIG II Motor Tester and Analyzer Models

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