DC Motor Test Accessories

Use the Electrom® iTIG III to test DC motor armatures, stator coils, and other coils with very low inductance or impedance. Dedicated user interface for DC motor testing is easy to use for quick and accurate testing.

ABT BBP iTIG III DC motor testing accessories

ABT: Armature Bar-to-Bar Surge Test Accessory

Use this accessory to conduct a bar-to-bar surge comparison test or to surge test single coils with very low inductance. The test voltage measurement is 4-wire and not load dependent. Compatible with iTIG III models B, C, or D. Max ABT output is 1400V. It comes with the BBP bar-to-bar probe and FS-12 foot switch.  Select the ASP or SCS as an alternative to the BBP (pictured below)

Bar-to-bar Probe (BBP)
Bar-to-bar Probe (BBP)
Armature Surge Probe (ASP)
Armature Surge Probe (ASP)
Surge Clamp Set (SCS)
Surge Clamp Set (SCS)

Connect directly to the iTIG III with the following probe sets.

ATF-11: Armature Test Fixture

The ATF-11 is used to conduct span surge tests of DC motor armatures. With an adjustable design, a span test covers multiple-bars. Use with a FS-12 foot switch for easy operation.

ASP-22: Armature Surge Probes

The ASP-22 can be used as an alternative to the ATF-11 for span surge tests. The voltage measurement is 2-wire and load dependent. The ASP-22 option connects directly to the iTIG III high voltage leads using the connection box.


ARP-02: Armature Resistance Probes

The ARP-02 is a 4-wire resistance probe set that measures the bar-to-bar resistance on armatures. Compatible with iTIG III models C and D with micro-Ohm measurement and multi-coil test feature.

Other Testing Accessories

FS-12: Foot Switch

For starting tests and allowing hands off operation of the iTIG III surge tester.  Works with all models.

Bar Code Scanner

Scan bar codes for easy data input. Compatible with iTIG III Model B,C,D. Use with Model D PLTA-3 function.

Warning Lights

Safety first: Indicate when testing is underway for a safer workplace environment.

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