DC Motor Test Accessories

ATF-11: Armature Test Fixture

The ATF-11 is used to conduct span surge tests of DC motor armatures. With an adjustable design, a span test covers multiple-bars. Use with a FS-12 foot switch for easy operation.

ABT: Armature Bar-to-Bar Surge Test Accessory

Use this accessory to conduct a bar-to-bar surge comparison test or to surge test single coils with very low inductance. The test voltage measurement is 4-wire and not load dependent. Compatible with iTIG III models B, C, or D. Max ABT output is 1400V. It comes with the BBP bar-to-bar probe and FS-12 foot switch.

ASP: Surge Probe Set

The ASP is an alternate to the BBP bar-to-bar probe and connects to the ABT. It can be used for both bar-to-bar tests and span tests. The voltage measurement is 2-wire and load dependent. The ASP-22 option connects directly to the iTIG III high voltage leads as an alternate to the ATF-11 for span surge tests.

ARP: Armature Resistance Probe Set

The ARP-02 is a 4-wire resistance probe set that measures the bar-to-bar resistance on armatures. Compatible with iTIG III models C and D with micro-Ohm measurement and multi-coil test feature.

Testing Accessories

FS-12: Foot Switch

  • For starting tests and allowing hands off operation of the iTIG II surge tester.
  • Works with all models.

Bar Code Scanner

Scan bar codes for easy data input. Compatible with iTIG III Model B,C,D. Use with Model D PLTA-3 function.

Warning Lights

Safety first: Indicate when testing is underway for a safer workplace environment.