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Power Pack (PP-II): 18kV, 24kV, 30kV & 40kV

Field Testing High Voltage Motors with the iTIG III and Power Pack

The PP-II Power Pack is a portable 18kV, 24kV, 30kV or 40kV high voltage motor tester. The 18kV-30kV Power Packs are housed in the same size case as the iTIG II and weighs less than 50lbs / 23kg. Despite the small size and low weight it still produces surge test output energy of 45 J at 30kV. The discharge capacitance is 100nF. The 40kV Power Pack is packaged in a similar looking, rugged and durable case as the lower voltage options, however slightly larger, but with industry revolutionizing portability. Please contact us today for more information!

Products the PP-II works with:

The PP-II Power Pack connects to any iTIG II or iTIG II MINI with low voltage cables. It has its own high voltage output lead used for all high voltage test. The test to be made is chosen on the iTIG II touch screen. The PP-II sends test data to the iTIG II which processes, stores and displays the results.

Tests Performed:

The tests performed with the PP-II Power Pack are Hipot/Step Voltage tests, Ramp tests and Surge Comparison tests. Insulation resistance tests such as megohm, DAR and PI tests can be done with either the iTIG II or the PP-II. All other tests are done with the iTIG II, and the output leads from the iTIG II are used for these tests.

All the tests done on a motor whether with the iTIG II or the PP-II are automatically combined in one test report.

The PP-II Power Pack is a two lead high voltage motor tester with an additional ground lead for the motor frame. It switches automatically between Hipot and Surge tests.

Automated tests:

The PP II Power Pack has the same level of automated tests as the iTIG II model it is connected to. This means that hipot tests are manual with an A or B model, and can be automatic with a C and D model motor tester. All models come with automatic surge tests.

With the iTIG II D model, customized test profiles for IR and Hipot tests can be programmed which means that one can have any number of steps in a step voltage test and sit at each step for a programmed amount of time. The voltage ramp rate can also be set lower than the default to limit the capacitive inrush current.

Independent Calibration:

The PP-II Power Pack high voltage motor tester is calibrated independently of the iTIG II.
This means that:

  • It can be added to an iTIG II at any time without the iTIG II coming back to the factory.
  • It can be used with multiple iTIG IIs, a big cost saving for companies with multiple iTIG II motor testers.

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