Predictive Maintenance Programs Made Easy

If you are like many of our customers, minimizing unplanned downtime through predictive maintenance programs and motor reliability programs is a top priority. These programs are never easy, but we can help you make them easier.

Electrom has a state-of-the-art family of portable offline motor testers for large and small motors and generators. Automated testing with the push of a button makes motor testing easy and available for personnel who are not experts, and who do not use a motor tester all the time.

The iTIG III Winding Analyzer will take the guess work out of your maintenance processes when it comes to the testing of insulation systems. It provides a simple all-in-one solution that can be used by anyone with only minimal training on motor testing in the plant and in the shop.

Tracking of test data over time, including Partial Discharge, for each motor and generator can be done automatically by the tester. The results can be viewed in Excel or with a database software for trend analysis purposes.

There are online methods to collect PD data. However, there are complications related to noise elimination. Therefore, Electrom recommends offline PD measurements taken at regular intervals.  With offline testing, test voltages can be higher than the peak voltages during online monitoring and testing. This provides earlier warnings of issues and insulation breakdown. PD detection capability is available in Electrom iTIG III models D4P, D6P, D12P and D15P.

Check out our article that appeared in Pumps and Systems Magazine, Sept 2020. 

Features and Benefits

The Most Portable Family of Testers on the Market

  • iTIG II MINI: Briefcase type tester for low voltage motors
  • iTIG III: Lightest fully automatic high frequency 4, 6, 12 and 15kV tester available
  • PP-II: ONLY TRULY portable 45J 30kV Power Pack at less than 50lbs/23kg
  • The PP-II Power Pack can be used with the iTIG III as well as the iTIG II MINI
  • All testers have a rugged self-contained case and are built for testing in a plant or in the field
  • Online data table option for phase volts, amps etc. when a motor runs

Wide Range of Tests Available for Motor Predictive Maintenance Programs

  • Testers from 4kV to 40kV max outputs
  • High accuracy tests and measurements include:
    • Advanced high frequency surge tests that find more insulation weaknesses
    • Surge Comparison tests with EAR% or %WD calculations
    • Partial Discharge measurement option – helps you find problems with VFD and inverter drive systems
    • DC Hipot, Step Voltage tests, and  Ramp tests
    • Insulation Resistance: Megohm, DAR, PI
    • High accuracy 4-wire Winding Resistance, mΩ or µΩ
    • Capacitance, Inductance, Impedance, Phase Angle, D/Q factor measurement
    • Rotor Influence Check, test for damaged AC rotor bars
  • DC motor tests with accessories for surge comparison tests and winding resistance measurements

Easy to Use with Various Levels of Automation

  • DON’T USE THE TESTER OFTEN? Check out our training refresher program, you’ll be surprised!
  • Partial and complete test automation from low voltage measurements to high voltage surge tests and partial discharge measurements
  • iTIG III Model D can do fully automatic sequences of tests from micro Ohm 4-wire resistance measurements to surge tests and partial discharge measurements
  • Test automation is the best way to have tests done the same way, every time, by any operator
  • Assembled motor surge tests without the need to turn the rotor
  • Automatic tests dramatically improves testing productivity; includes preset motor test parameters and Pass/Fail limits
  • FREE technical and application support for the life of the instrument

Trend Analysis and Report Capabilities

  • PDF or HTML reports can be generated by the iTIG III motor tester and sent to a server with a couple of clicks
  • Reports can be generated on PCs using Electrom’s TRPro report program
  • Trend Analysis:
    • A full set of built in trend data tables and multi-test graphs for Megohm, PI and Hipot/Step Voltage tests is available
    • The results for each test set can be automatically stored in a line item test summary file. They can be exported to a server with one click of a button.
    • The exported test summary files (test results over time) can be viewed in Excel or in a database program in a spreadsheet format. This makes trend analysis easy.
  • Test Data is transferred from the iTIG III to a PC or server using a USB Flash Drive, Ethernet or a wireless connection


The iTIG III combines multiple testing technologies into a single instrument. From low to high voltage, all your tests can be completed with the push of a button. The iTIG III is available in four models with additional feature options and DC motor test accessories.  Learn More.


The iTIG II MINI is a small, light tester in a briefcase type enclosure, ideal for field tests of low voltage motors. Since it can be connected to the PP-II Power Pack, it can also be used to test high voltage equipment. It is an economical solution to motor testing in general.

Portable Power Pack PP II

The PP II is the only truly portable 18kV, 24kV, 30kV and 40kV Power Pack on the market. It connects to the iTIG II, and the iTIG II MINI, with low voltage cables. Data generated by the PP-II is captured, displayed and stored in the iTIG II.