Electrom Instruments iTIG Winding Analyzer in Use

The new iTIG Series motor tester is more compact than ever.

The iTIG features a smaller form-factor and lighter weight construction making it ideal for in-field motor diagnostics and motor service.

Wide range of testing applications

Electrom Instruments designs and manufactures motor testers and winding analyzers used for a wide range of testing applications.  The iTIG is sold worldwide to motor repair companies; motor, generator and coil manufacturers and OEMs; and to preventive maintenance and reliability professionals in countless industries including wind power generation, mining, oil & gas, food processing, pulp & paper, and more.

For all industries that use, service, repair, rewind and manufacture electrical rotating machinery, coils, windings and sensors, Electrom has been the top choice since 1986.

Motor Service and Repair

Motor and Coil Manufacturers

Generator OEMs

Wind Energy

Pulp and Paper

Oil and Gas

Using Electrom's iTIG Advanced Testing Technology photo

Advanced Test Technologies

Electrom Instruments makes significant investment in R&D, investing in future testing technologies and driving industry technology developments.  We are on the path of developing and applying the most advanced technologies to the challenge of motor, generator, and coil testing.  With input from our customers, we make testers easier to use and apply technological advancements to new test applications. Read about Electrom’s test technologies.

Electrom Instruments Customer Service photo

Wireless Connectivity For Data Transfer and Asset Management

Our goal is to provide exceptional world class support. Electrom customers enjoy free online technical and applications support for the life of the tester. Plus, Electrom manufactured products come with a 2-year factory warranty and software maintenance updates are free.  

For preventive maintenance and reliability professionals in industrial applications with many motor assets under management, Electrom makes it easy.  We upload your entire database of motors or generators, saving operators time and the risk of data entry errors. Technicians can then scan or enter the asset tag or motor ID and press the red button to initiate a preset automatic test sequence. 

Test results are automatically stored and can be uploaded to a network or server for analysis, trending, and reporting. We are here to help.  Contact us online or give us a call.