Motor Service and Repair

Peace of Mind for You and Your Customers

The Electrom iTIG provides best-in-class accuracy, time-saving reporting, and powerful automated testing, giving motor repair professionals confidence in rewinding and repair operations.

Choose multiple tests to run automatically in a sequence or select single tests. Preset test parameters and pass/fail criteria. Conduct multi-coil testing quickly and efficiently. Generate complete electronic reports and upload them to a network or server for analysis and reporting.

The iTIG gives peace of mind for you and your customers. Motor service and repair shops need the most advanced tester for maintenance, repair, and recondition operations.

Find More Faults

The instrument allows you to perform more than twenty low-voltage to high-voltage tests quickly and easily. Find more cases of insulation weakness with a high frequency surge comparison test. The partial discharge test requires no external accessories and can be included as part of an automated sequence without any additional setup.

Operator using iTIG with Power Pack
Motor technicians
12kV generator
iTIG operator
Motor technician

Accurate Insulation Resistance Measurements

iTIG with minimum current limit of 0.0005 µA
The iTIG has a minimum current limit of 0.0005 µA
Test screens, clockwise from top left: C/L/Z, winding resistance, surge and PD, hipot and megohm (IR)

The iTIG features highly accurate insulation resistance measurements made possible by the precision of iTIG’s leakage current measurement methods. For motors with low leakage currents, motor repair professionals who use the iTIG can be more confident about the degree of accuracy of IR values they report to valued clients.

  • When the current is low, small changes in leakage currents mean big differences in IR values such as megohmspolarization index (PI), and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR).

  • With less precise testers, if the current falls below the instrument’s minimum current limit, the PI may be inaccurate or not calculated.

  • The iTIG’s leakage current accuracy is 2% with a 10pA resolution. This means you see 5 digits after the decimal and the iTIG will calculate megohms with currents down to 0.0005 µA.

Read Insulation resistance measurement methods to learn more about the iTIG’s IR measurement and calculation techniques.

Automated testing saves time and guarantees consistent test results.

  • Do the same test the same way every time, regardless of operator.

  • Fully automated testing is standard with the model D.

  • Automatic IR and hipot tests are included with models C and D.
iTIG Automated Test flow

Trend Analysis

Save time and give your customers professional test reports containing trending data presented in customizable layouts. Trend analysis is easy using the Test Summaries File for the iTIG Model D. The file contains test results with a date-time stamp that is appended to the report at the conclusion of each test. 

Export a CSV spreadsheet that can be viewed in Excel or other spreadsheet software.

The Model D can graph multi-test hipot, PI, PD measurements, or other test results whose trends are commonly tracked.

iTIG Trend Analysis Chart
iTIG Test Reports

Test Reporting

Test reporting is available with iTIG models B, C, and D.  Save time and give your customers the professional reports they deserve.

Motor data, test data, and reports can be transferred directly from the instrument using a USB Flash Drive, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi.  Operators can also use Electrom’s TRPro report and analysis PC software to import test data from the iTIG to generate advanced reports.

iTIG Features and Benefits For Motor Service and Repair

iTIG Test Reports

Your Investment and Our Support

  • A very wide range of competitive prices, models and options
  • Upgradeable
  • Lease to own programs
  • Trade-in program for old testers
  • Long term support—we support and repair motor testers and winding analyzers we made over 25 years ago
  • Training made easy for both users and the pocket book. See Support and contact us to discuss needs and training options.
  • Free lifetime software maintenance updates, technical and application support
iTIG Test Reports


  • Fast and time-saving report generation included with B, C, and D models
  • User-friendly and complete report capabilities at no additional cost
  • Easy transfer of test reports to your Motor Shop Software with a click of a button on the tester
  • ACS
  • MotorBase by Spring Point Solutions
  • Other shop software transferask us
  • Reports can be automatically sent  to Job Number folders

Easy to Use with a Full Range of Tests and Automation Options

  • Partial automation and complete test automation options depending on model
  • Assembled motor surge test without the need to turn the rotor
  • Preset test templates with all test parameters and limits
  • Choose a test stage (incoming, pre-VPI, final, etc.) and a test template is automatically applied
  • Single button multi-coil test capability and master coil comparisons
iTIG Test Reports

Portable and Lightweight—Excellent for Field Service

  • Briefcase type iTIG case
  • The iTIG is the lightest fully automatic high frequency 6kV, 12kV, and 15kV tester available
  • The Electrom Power Pack is the only truly portable 45J 30kV and 40kV power pack at less than 50lbs/23kg and 84lbs/39kg, respectively.
  • All motor testers have a rugged case and are built to be taken on-site for field testing
  • Assembled motor test features, surge tests can be done without turning the rotor

State-of-the-art Motor Testers and Winding Analyzers

  • Wide output voltage range from 1kV to 40 kV with High Energy Output options for large motors
  • High frequency surge tests find more faults
  • Automated tests dramatically improve
  • Testing efficiency
  • Speed
  • Consistency: Automation makes operators perform tests the same way and ensures consistency in testing
  • DC motor tests with a variety of accessories for surge comparison tests and low resistance measurements bar to bar on an armature
  • High accuracy tests and measurement options:
  • Megohm, DAR, PI
  • Winding Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Impedance and Phase Angle measurement
  • Rotor Influence Check, test for damaged AC rotor bars
  • DC Hipot, Hipot Step Voltage and Ramp test
  • Surge Comparison tests of coils, stators and assembled motors/generators
  • Partial Discharge measurement

Electrom offers models and options for every budget. 

Choose the model and options that fit your motor repair and services business.

Choose Model A, B, C, or D for varying levels of automation, reporting, and specific test sets, including partial discharge.

Explore the most reliable family of testers on the market.

Contact Electrom for detailed option sets and pricing for iTIG models and Power Packs.


  • 4kV
  • 6kV
  • 12kV
  • 15kV

iTIG with Power Pack

  • 18kV
  • 24kV
  • 30kV
  • 40kV
iTIG DC Motor Test Accessories

Use the iTIG to test DC motors using DC motor testing accessories.

See the iTIG DC motor testing accessories.

  • Armature bar-to-bar surge test accessory
  • Armature resistance probes
  • Armature surge probes
  • Armature test fixture
Electrom product cases

All testers and power packs are self-enclosed in a rugged carrying case for portability and field testing.

You can also buy matching cases for your additional equipment and accessories.