Industrial Maintenance and Reliability

Prevent unplanned downtime and control operating expenses.

Motor and generator failure can happen at any time. The iTIG helps industrial maintenance professionals make intelligent, data-driven decisions about motor and generator assets in use.  Find cases of weak insulation before it’s too late.

The iTIG is used by preventive maintenance program managers and reliability professionals in these industries: 

  • Wind Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Defense
  • More
Industrial MCC testing

Find More Faults

The iTIG instrument allows you to perform more than twenty low-voltage to high-voltage tests and measurements quickly and easily.

Low-voltage measurements find imminent maintenance concerns and help diagnose motors with known or suspected problems. Medium-voltage and high-voltage tests (megohm/IR, hipot, surge, and partial discharge (PD)) will uncover weaknesses while the asset continues in operation, providing data and insight to allow service, repair, or replacement to happen during scheduled downtime. Trending results over time will provide additional insight into developing weaknesses, giving asset managers even more time to make informed decisions.

Customer by Wind Turbine olding Electrom iTIG and Power Pack

Let Electrom Help

Electrom customers enjoy free online technical and applications support for the life of the tester. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Electrom can upload your entire database of motors or generators, saving operators time and the risk of data entry errors.
  2. Technicians can simply scan the asset tag or motor ID badge and press the red button to initiate a preset automatic test sequence.
  3. Test results are automatically stored and can be uploaded to a network or server for analysis, trending, and reporting.
iTIG trending test results
Trending test results help industrial customers schedule maintenance rather than risk unplanned outages.

Automated Testing Saves Time and Guarantees Consistent Test Results

  • Do the same test the same way every time, regardless of operator.

  • Fully automated testing is standard with the model D.

  • Automatic IR and hipot tests are included with models C and D.
iTIG Automated Test flow

Motor Maintenance and Reliability Programs Made Easy

If you are like many of our customers, minimizing unplanned downtime through maintenance programs and motor reliability programs is a top priority. These programs are never easy, but we can help you make them easier.

Read Electrom’s article on static motor testing, Offline Motor Testing Finds Insulation Weaknesses Earlier, which appeared in the September 2020 issue of Pumps & Systems magazine.

Electrom has a state-of-the-art family of portable offline motor testers for large and small motors and generators. Automated testing with the push of a button makes motor testing easy and available for personnel who are not experts and do not use a motor tester regularly.

The iTIG winding analyzer will take the guess work out of your maintenance processes when it comes to the testing of insulation systems. It provides a simple all-in-one solution that can be used by anyone with only minimal training on motor testing in the plant or shop.

Tracking of test data over time, including partial discharge (PD), for each motor and generator can be done automatically by the tester. The results can be viewed in Microsoft Excel or with database software for trend analysis purposes.

There are many methods to collect PD data. Some methods are more complicated than others. Many tests require large, heavy equipment, so bringing this test equipment to the motor can be a challenge, or is sometimes impossible. Additionally, expert knowledge and analysis requires more dedicated resources or external contractors.

The Electrom iTIG’s lightweight and portable offline PD testing provides a simple and reliable method for PD testing during planned outages. Automation with an easy-to-use interface means tests can be conducted by anyone with minimal training or expertise. During offline testing, test voltages can be used that are higher than the peak voltages possible during online monitoring and testing. Being able to test at higher voltages provides earlier warnings of issues and insulation breakdown, giving asset owners more time to plan ahead.

PD detection capability is available with the iTIG B, C, and D models. Contact us to learn more.

iTIG Features and Benefits for Motor Maintenance and Reliability

Wide Range of Tests Available for Motor Reliability Programs and Maintenance Program Records

  • Testers from 4kV to 40kV max outputs
  • High accuracy tests and measurements include
  • Advanced high frequency surge tests that find more insulation weaknesses
  • Surge Comparison tests with EAR% or %WD calculations
  • Partial Discharge measurement option – helps you find weak insulation before any other measurement or test, as well as problems with VFD and inverter drive systems on low, medium and high-voltage motors
  • DC Hipot, Step Voltage tests, and  Ramp tests.
  • Insulation Resistance: Megohm, DAR, PI
  • High accuracy 4-wire Winding Resistance, mΩ or µΩ
  • Capacitance, Inductance, Impedance, Phase Angle, D/Q factor measurement
  • Rotor Influence Check, test for damaged AC rotor bars
  • DC motor tests with specific user interface screens for testing assembled or disassembled DC motors

Easy to Use with Various Levels of Automation

  • Complete and partial test automation from low-voltage measurements to high-voltage surge tests and partial discharge measurements
  • The iTIG model D can do fully automatic sequences of tests on the same high-voltage lead-set ranging from 4-wire microohm (µΩ) winding resistance measurements to surge tests and partial discharge measurements
  • Test automation is the best way to have tests done the same way, every time, by any operator
  • Assembled motor surge tests without the need to turn the rotor
  • Automatic tests dramatically improves testing productivity; includes preset motor test parameters and pass/fail limits
  • Free technical and application support for the life of the instrument
iTIG trend analysis

Trend Analysis and Report Capabilities

  • PDF or HTML format reports can be generated by the iTIG motor tester then sent to a server with a couple of clicks
  • Reports can be generated on PCs using Electrom’s TRPro report application software
  • Trend analysis:
  • A full set of built-in trend data tables and multi-test graphs for megohm, PI, and hipot/step voltage tests is available.
  • Results for each test set can be automatically stored in a line item test summary file. The file can be exported to a server with one click of a button.
  • Trend analysis is easy: Export test summary files (test results over time) for viewing in Microsoft Excel or a database program in spreadsheet format.
  • Test data can be transferred from the iTIG to a PC or server using a USB flash drive, Ethernet, or a WiFi connection
iTIG IV three quarter front left

The Most Portable Family of Testers on the Market

  • Lightest fully automatic high frequency 6kV, 12kV and 15kV tester available
  • All testers have a rugged self-contained case and are built for testing in a plant or in the field
  • Briefcase type tester for low-voltage motors
  • Power Pack:
  • The only truly portable 45J 30kV and 40kV Power Pack at less than 50lbs/23kg and 84lbs/39kg, respectively
  • Can be used with any model in iTIG series II and up

Choose the model and options that fit your motor reliability and maintenance program.

Choose Model A, B, C, or D for varying levels of automation, reporting, and specific test sets, including partial discharge.

Explore the Most Reliable Family of Testers on the Market

Contact Electrom for detailed option sets and pricing for iTIG models.

  • 4kV
  • 6kV
  • 12kV
  • 15kV
iTIG III Power Pack Front View

Add a Power Pack

The iTIG plus the Electrom Power Pack equals lightweight and portable high voltage motor testing at:

  • 18kV
  • 24kV
  • 30kV
  • 40kV
Electrom product cases

All Testers and Power Packs are Self-enclosed in Rugged Carrying Cases for Portability and Field Testing Convenience

You can also buy matching cases for your additional equipment and accessories.