Coil and Motor Manufacturing

Production Line Testing Made Easy

On the production floor or in the R&D lab, rely on the iTIG for quality assurance, new technology development, and reworking station diagnostics. Automate your QA testing program using a single instrument that seamlessly integrates with your production line. The iTIG’s complete integration with test equipment allows Production Line Testing Automation (PLTA) through fully automatic testing without operator assistance. Options such as bar code scanning, external controls, and automatic uploading of test results make the iTIG the most cost-effective solution for developers, manufacturers, and OEMs.

Cover all your production line insulation testing needs with one instrument. Electrom’s PLTA solutions come in a range of systems for every budget. Completely automate production line testing using the iTIG Model D with the full set of Production Line Test Automation (PLTA) options for coil and motor manufacturers. Or choose an economical iTIG model with the options you need today that can be upgraded with a software update to improve your testing capabilities as your business grows. 

Line of newly manufactured electric motors displaying close up of coils.
Manufactured form coils for electric motor.

iTIG Production Line Test Automation

Fully Automatic Testing Without Operator Assistance

  • Full integration with test equipment
  • Remote operation
  • Test coils or motors against a pre-stored master or against a defined set of limits and tolerances
  • Automatic data transfer
  • Transfer raw test data and test summary data in CSV format to an external server or PC for in depth data analysis and statistics
  • Powerful and immediate test result analysis
  • Generate complete electronic reports directly from the tester then upload reports to a network or local server

Automated testing saves time and guarantees consistent test results.

  • Do the same test the same way every time, regardless of operator.
  • Fully automated testing is standard with model D.
  • Automatic IR and hipot tests are included with models C and D.
iTIG Automated Test flow
iTIG Test Screens
Test Screens, clockwise from top left: C/L/Z, winding resistance, surge and PD, hipot and megohm (IR)

Find more faults with thorough and accurate testing.

  • The iTIG performs more than twenty low-voltage to high-voltage tests quickly and easily.
  • Find more cases of insulation weakness with a high frequency surge comparison test.
  • The partial discharge (PD) measurement requires no external accessories and can be included as part of an automated sequence without any additional setup.

Trend Analysis

Save time and give your customers professional test reports containing trending data presented in customizable layouts. Trend analysis is easy using the Test Summaries File for the iTIG model D. The file contains test results with a date-time stamp that is appended to the report at the conclusion of each test. 

Export a CSV spreadsheet that can be viewed in Excel or other spreadsheet software.

The model D can graph multi-test hipot, PI, PD measurements, or other test results whose trends are commonly tracked.

iTIG Trend Analysis Chart
iTIG Test Reports

Test Reporting

Test reporting is available with iTIG models B, C, and D.  Save time and give your customers the professional reports they deserve.

Motor data, test data, and reports can be transferred directly from the instrument using a USB flash drive, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi.  Operators can also use Electrom’s TRPro report and analysis PC software to import test data from the iTIG to generate advanced reports.

Electrom Offers Models and Options for Every Budget 

Choose the model and options that fit your coil or motor manufacturing process.

Choose Model A, B, C, or D for varying levels of automation, reporting, and specific test sets, including partial discharge.

Explore the Most Reliable Family of Testers on the Market

Contact Electrom for detailed option sets and pricing for iTIG models.

  • 4kV
  • 6kV
  • 12kV
  • 15kV
iTIG III Power Pack Front View

Add a Power Pack

The iTIG plus the Electrom Power Pack equals lightweight and portable high voltage motor testing at:

  • 18kV
  • 24kV
  • 30kV
  • 40kV

PLTA Options

Contact Electrom to discuss options for your production line application.

  • Test analysis module
  • Pre-stored master coil testing configuration
  • Barcode scanning
  • PLC controls
  • RS-232 serial controls input