Motor testers and winding analyzers for a wide range of testing applications

Electrom Instruments designs and manufactures motor testers and winding analyzers used for a wide range of testing applications.  For industries that use, service, repair, rewind and manufacture electrical rotating machinery, coils, windings and sensors, Electrom has been a top choice since 1986.

Motor Service and Repair

The iTIG delivers best-in-class accuracy in measurements and diagnostics. Be confident with your decision to maintain, repair, or recondition a motor. Choose multiple tests to run automatically in a sequence or select single tests. Preset test parameters and pass/fail criteria. Conduct multi-coil testing quickly and efficiently. Generate complete electronic reports on the tester and transfer them to a server with one click of a button, or generate the reports on a PC.

Industrial Applications

In the field or on site, the iTIG is the most portable high voltage tester. With automated test sequences up to 15kV, the iTIG III has you covered for field testing and predictive maintenance. For high-voltage motors, add the Power Pack III, the only truly portable external power pack on the market with output up to 40kV. Avoid costly downtime and unplanned outages with industry leading sensitivity that finds more faults.

Electrom testers are used in a variety of industries:  Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Manufacturing, Utilities, Defense, and more.

Coil and Motor Manufacturers

On the production floor or in the R&D lab, motor and coil manufactures rely on the iTIG for quality assurance and new technology development. Automate your production line testing with bar code scanning, external controls, and automatic uploading of test data. Develop and manufacture state-of-the-art motors, generators, alternators, or coils—large or small—and rest assured you are shipping the most reliable product for your customer’s money.