Surge Testers and
Winding Analyzers for
Electric Motors

Capable of 20 non-destructive high-voltage and low-voltage tests and measurements, including high frequency surge and partial discharge.

  • Single device or batch testing
  • Easy automatic or manual operation
  • Test Report generation
  • Portable briefcase style case


Surge and Partial Discharge Testing for

What Electrom customers say about the iTIG…

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The service at every stage has been fantastic.

The service we have received from Electrom at every stage has been fantastic. From choosing product options to purchasing the instrument and training our technicians, Electrom has been working directly with us, both on and off site, the whole way through.
Kevin Hyler
Nordex Group, West Branch, IA

This is one of the most advanced testers in the industry.

Bowers Electricals Ltd.
Heanor, Derbyshire, GB

The support is unmatched, so is the performance of the tester.

We have had three different brands of surge testers… The first time we were told it’s four years old, it’s obsolete. The second required shipping it back to the manufacturer. The third was an Electrom, the issue was quickly solved over the phone. Not only is the support unmatched, so is the performance of the tester.
Mike Scheck
P. Scheck Industrial Electric Ltd.

Proud member of the American Clean Power trade association

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The American Clean Power (ACP) trade association and Electrom are making renewable energy a reality for today’s economy and for generations to come. In particular, the iTIG is used for wind turbine preventative maintenance and reliability testing. With a legacy fleet of wind turbine generators and record growth expected in the coming years, there has never been a better time to play a role in making clean energy the dominant electricity source in the United States and beyond.