iTIG II High Voltage (HV) Series

Manual or Automated Tests from 24kV to 40kV

The state of the art Electrom iTIG II High Voltage (HV) series of winding analyzers and electric motor analyzers provides a wide range of tests to analyze the condition of insulation systems in all types of motors, generators, windings and coils.

It comes in models with different levels of automated tests and a variety of options similar to the iTIG II (the 4kV to 15kV testers). The iTIG II-HV can be an automatic 40kV DC Hipot and Surge tester. Insulation resistance including DAR and PI, DC Hipot tests including step voltage tests and ramp tests, and Surge tests are done through one lead set. The tests can be done in an automatic sequence. Milli or micro Ohm winding resistance, and capacitance, inductance, impedance, and phase angle measurements are done with a separate lead set that plugs into the front of the motor tester.

The iTIG II-HV series of winding analyzers and electric motor analyzers comes with max output voltages of 24kV, 30kV, and 40kV, all with high energy outputs (100nF discharge capacitance).

Lead Switching Options

The winding analyzers come with different lead switching matrix options and number of high voltage output leads. It can have two high voltage output leads where one is a return for the surge test, plus a DUT frame ground lead. With this option the high voltage output lead is moved between surge tests on a 3-phase DUT. Or, it can have 3 high voltage output leads plus a frame ground with automatic switching between the output leads.

For DC motors see DC Motor Test Accessories.

Models can be upgraded to higher levels later.

iTIG II HV Model Features

iTIG II High Voltage Motor Tester and Analyzer Models

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