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Creating Technological Advances for Motor, Generator, and Coil Testing Products.

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Creating Technological Advances for Motor, Generator, and Coil Testing Products.

Surge Testers &
Winding Analyzers

State of the art technology, easy to use instruments, superior customer service and lifetime support.

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We support partial discharge testing! Done together with the surge test.  Learn More

Why Consider an Electrom Surge Tester / Motor Tester?

State of the art technology with high frequency IGBT generated surge test pulses

  • Eliminate ionization dissipation and find more turn to turn insulation weaknesses with high frequency surge pulses
  • Customers report they find faults they do not find with other low frequency surge testers

PD done together with the surge test; a fast and powerful diagnostics combination

Get early warnings of insulation deterioration

Cost-effective, no accessories needed

Options for levels of automation and features

Modular construction, designed to be upgraded to higher level models and feature options

  • As your needs change, so can your tester

Track results over time

  • Report and spreadsheet options for easy comparisons and reliability analysis

Time saving option: finished reports with one click on the tester

Transfer finished reports and raw data with one click using wireless, Ethernet or a FD

We strive to provide the best customer service and product support in the industry

Check the services and support programs that come with each tester

Designed for the shop, factory and field service

The easiest tester to use according to our customers

     What Are You Testing For? We Have It Covered.

We aim to provide itig-squareyou with motor testers, surge testers, partial discharge testers and winding analyzers that are the easiest to use, provide state of the art technology, and come with superior customer service and lifetime support. We still support instruments made more than 25 years ago!

Electrom has made significant investments in R&D over the years, and will continue on the path to develop and apply the most advanced technologies to the challenge of generator, coil and motor testers.



The iTIG II combines multiple testing technologies into a single instrument. From low to high voltage, all your tests can be completed with the push of a button. The iTIG II is available in four models with additional feature options and DC motor test accessories.



The iTIG II MINI is a small light tester in a briefcase type enclosure, ideal for field tests of low voltage motors. Since it can be connected to the PP-II Power Pack, it can also be used to test high voltage equipment. It is an economical, more portable motor tester solution.


Portable Power Pack PP II

The PP II is the only truly portable 24kV and 30kV Power Pack on the market. It connects to the iTIG II, and the iTIG II MINI, with low voltage cables. Data generated by the PP-II is captured, displayed and stored in the iTIG II.



The High Voltage series of the iTIG II comes with 24kV, 30kV and 40kV outputs. They are available in 4 models with various options and levels of automation.


Production Line Testing of Insulation Systems Using Advanced iTIG II Technology

Modular and flexible test systems;
built to meet the test needs of your application.

Whether you manufacture motors, generators, or small to large coils, we probably have a motor tester or partial discharge tester for your winding test needs.

Electrom Instruments’ Production Line Test Automation Systems are based on advanced iTIG II technology and may be the flexible and cost effective solution you are looking for.

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Whatever is required, tell us about it. Our instruments have the flexibility to meet most industrial and manufacturing requirements. And, new developments continue. It could be what you are looking for.


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